Dive Into Summer with A Playmate

Summer fun is for couples, so when you find yourself on your own and wishing you had somebody to join in on the fun with you, look no further than San Diego Nudes. Our San Diego escorts are hand chosen based on a number of criteria, including their stunning good looks and charming personalities. It’s never a dull moment with San Diego Nudes.

 Moonlit Swim


Is there anything more romantic than a moonlit swim? We don’t think so, and there’s no better way to experience it than with a beautiful woman who has absolutely zero expectations for you. All your date will care about is pleasing you and having fun, which means less stress, and an all-around better experience.

Watch your date dive into cool water in a barely-there swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination. Cuddle up beneath a warm blanket when you’ve finished swimming and chat while you watch the clouds clear to reveal a sky of sparkling stars.

Fun In The Sun

If you’re not into the night swimming, and more into beating the heat by splashing in the summer sun, San Diego Nudes can help you spice up your next beach visit. Make every man, and women, on the beach jealous, when you come strutting out with a woman who looks like she’s stepped off the cover of a swimsuit magazine. Long tanned legs, silky hair, and a body that won’t quit, will soon have people talking.

Build a sandcastle, get a tan, and jump into fun together at the beach. San Diego Nudes offers a variety of packages and price points to suit every budget and lifestyle. From short thirty minute dates to a full day packed with fun, your date is sure to show you a good time, no matter how long you have to share in it together.

Hit The Water Park

If you’re an adventurer who’s looking for more than a day of sunning yourself on the beach, maybe you’d like to take your San Diego Nudes date to a water park. Slide, swim, and splash together as friends take in your new lady friend and shoot you some of the most jealous glances you’ve ever seen. Treat yourself to some amusement park food, and let go of your insecurities and stress as you both enjoy the sultry summer day together at the park.

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