Dinner Dates 101: What Not To Order

At San Diego Nudes, our escorts in San Diego pride ourselves on being masters in the art of dating. While we rarely practice the traditional methods of romance, there’s nothing quite like a satisfying dinner date to set the mood for the evening. So what should you order? We think the better question is, what shouldn’t you order? Here is a comprehensive look at meals to avoid on a date.

Messy Foods

This is a given, and yet so many meals include a messy component. Our best advice on this area is to steer clear of sauces altogether. You might also consider steering clear of ingredients that must be enjoyed while using your hands. Ribs, wings, and even the classic burger can because for first date disappointment and a messy shirt. Nothing says romance is dead like a stained tie and a lap full of guacamole.

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Foods You Don’t Understand

It can be fun, even exciting to think outside of the box when ordering at a restaurant, but the ladies of San Diego Nudes can tell you first hand that nothing is sexier than a man who knows that he’s doing. It’s not easy to have confidence when ordering from a menu that boasts foreign languages and novel cuisine. If you want to try something new, ask the waiter to describe the dish for you before you order.

Meals That Cause Digestive Discomfort

Your date has been going well, she’s giving you the signal that you’re in for one hell of a goodnight kiss, when suddenly, nature calls. Don’t let your dinner choices dictate your after date intimacy. Stay away from spicy foods, and meals that include too many cruciferous vegetables. Fiber is a good thing, but not always on a first date.

The Wrong Wine

This might seem minor compared to some of the doozies mentioned above, but a fine wine can go a long way, and turn a simple meal into an exquisite tasting experience. Ask your server what the best wine pairing is for each dish, or do a little research before ordering at a restaurant. Selecting a wine that adds to the meal can enhance your experience and make your date remember you for weeks to come. Choosing the wrong wine certainly isn’t the end of the world, but it can make a meal seem bland or change the flavor in a negative way.

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